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My Stash By Brand- Nars Cosmetics

I have been yet again reorganizing my makeup collection and I decided to post it up for you to see. Instead of posting it all at once I decided to break it up into brands for fun and it will be less overwhelming for me to post!
First up Nars Cosmetics. Here are all the items I own by Nars. I do have a few swatches posted here if interested.
Below are Nars Singles in Himalayas, Blondie, Bengali, China Blue, Night Flight, Night Clubbing, Night Fever, Strada and California.
TOP 3 Favorites: Strada - a gorgeous lilac purple with gold glitter. 2- Night Fever- Really smilier to MAC Beauty marked but in my opinion much easier to use with better payoff. 3- China Blue- A medium matte blue. Just gorgeous.
Nars Duos in Cleo, Jolie Poupee, Mediteranee, Iceland and Rated R
Top 3 Favorites are Mediteranee- Perfect Orange duo. So natural and easy to wear. 2- Jolie Poupee- Gorgeous purples pair (I love paring them with MAC shadow lady) 3- Rated R- I dont wear this often. But I love it still. I love looking at the bright combination. When I do use it I end up using the colors separately more often than together.
Other items are Nars Palettes in Holiday 2003 and License to kill. Fabulous for on the go since your whole face is pretty much covered. Albatross which is an amazing highlighter for any skin tone. Glosses- Rose Birman, Orgasm, Striptease, Triple X and Bloodwork. Absolute fave gloss is Bloodwork! Such an amazing Red!
I just realized that I forgot to post my Copacabana Multiple. I will add that in later on also I apologize if the items are a little dusty.. you know how that goes. :)


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